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I’M SO HOT RIGHT? AND MY HOOHAA IS LIKE WHOA. AND I WAS THINKING EARLIER ABOUT SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT AND I REALLY THINK YOU NEED TO HEAR IT. IT’S ABOUT HOW YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO TAKE ME SERIOUSLY CUZ LIKE I’M NOT F-ING KIDDING AND IT’S LIKE UH HUH WHAT YEAH YEAH YEAH UUUUUHHHH MEOW I’M SO SEXY TEHEHE you put the sugar in the milk with the eggs and then you stir it with your weewee and then I tell you how I want it cuz I want it just like that uh huh I’m so tasty just cum and have a lick don’t I look so yumyum honeydip so good you wanna stare at my sweetness all night long you’re like ‘just shut up bitch and let me look at your sweet ass’ and I’m like blechhdkfnflfrajsofgijsdaifgaebryufdinbs


Supported by In Between Time Festival of International Performance, Arnolfini Auditorium and Laban Theatre.

How to Become a Cupcake

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