Splat!, The Famous’ gigantasaurus spectacularus choreographic masterpiece from 2013, explores how women are often portrayed as victims, and how that’s really cool, because like I don’t think people realize how much I suffer sometimes because I’m a woman. But actually it’s about how, as women, we have the choice to choose and actually I can be my own hero, you know, or like, also an angry housewife or even an unfit mother or horny popstar. Using rollerskates, bodily fluids, bambi, storytelling and video, The Famous flies across the stage and through various representations of the female victim, taking them, and the show, down with her. The Famous becomes a supercalifragilistic-witch-womaniser-childbearer-superstar as she dances towards the sensational fame she deserves. Because I’m everything.


Commissioned by SPILL Festival of Performance. Supported by The Barbican, Arts Council England, Live Art Development Agency, Queen Mary, University of London and Laban Theatre.